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How much does the IMAE Market Stallholder Membership cost?

The IMAE Market Membership lasts for 12 months from purchase and costs just $195 for the full year.

We also have a Student membership (ages 18-21) – $150 per year

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How does the IMAE Market Stallholder Membership work?

It’s simple!

You choose the type of membership you want and apply online.

Once you receive your membership number by email, you are insured to trade at any market Australia wide and make the most of all the added benefits

Please note that IMAE office hours are from 9am-5pm Tuesdays-Thursdays. You can only be sent your documents and your specific membership number during office hours. It may take up to five business days to process your documents. We are unable to process your documents during holidays.


Why is the coverage date on my Certificate of Currency different from the renewal date in my email?

The coverage dates on the Certificate of Currency reflects the period of coverage between IMAE Memberships and the insurer Lion Underwriting. Closer to the end date, IMAE will email members of a updated Certificate of Currency. As long as you are a member of IMAE, then you can take advantage of the coverage. Please remember to renew your membership according to the renewal date sent to your email. 


Can I just buy the insurance and not the membership?

No, you can only buy the membership. Once you are a member of IMAE, then you take the benefit of the public liability insurance and the limited-product liability insurance. The cost of $195 is a superb offer to get public liability and product liability insurance specifically designed for market stallholders and a host of added benefits that it wouldn’t be worth separating the insurance and membership!


What kind of coverage does my membership/policy have?

Your membership insurance policy covers you at all markets, car boot sales, fetes, festivals, shopping centres, car parks, etc, across all states and territories in Australia. You will also receive a whole host of extra benefits from the award-winning Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra, ACT provided that you are an approved stallholder to the Old Bus Depot Markets.


When does my membership and insurance policy start and finish?

All policies commence at 12:01am on the day you receive email confirmation that your online application payment has been received. In most cases, this will be the day that you apply for membership. Please note that it may take us a little longer if it’s a weekend or public holiday. The membership and associated insurance will conclude 365 days later at 12:00 midnight.


After I apply, how long until I can receive my documents?

Please note that IMAE office hours are from 9am-5pm Tuesdays-Thursdays. You can only be sent your documents and your specific membership number during office hours. It may take up to five business days to process your documents. We are unable to process your documents during holidays.


Why do I need Product Liability insurance for my Market Stall?

It’s always a good idea to have Product Liability Insurance no matter what you sell – it protects you if the unexpected happens. The best part is that IMAE Membership automatically covers you for Product Liability and it doesn’t cost you any extra so no need to worry.

Think about:

  1. If your baked goods are sold and by the off chance they cause sickness – you will need Product Liability
  2. If your electrical items are sold and the plastic casing that houses the wires is not tight enough and exposes internal circuits, it could cause an electric shock – you will need Product Liability
  3. If you sold a game that causes an injury because of a fault – you will need Product Liability

On the rare occasion that you sell a product we cannot cover (see below for exclusions), you will still be covered for Public Liability Insurance as part of the Membership.


Which products are covered?
We cover a wide range of products e.g. Handmade Products, Homemade Produce, Arts & Crafts, Plants etc.


Which products are not covered under the Product Liability insurance?

The following products are not covered under the Product Liability Insurance; however, the Public Liability cover still applies:

  • Pharmaceuticals and medicines (including herbal medicines)
  • Cosmetics
  • Products intended to be used in connection with the navigation of vehicles, aircraft or watercraft
  • Parts for motor vehicles
  • Medical equipment
  • Guns and/or ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Bicycles
  • Model aircrafts
  • Knives, swords or spears
  • Power tools
  • Motorised vehicles
  • Animal feeds
  • Children’s toys
  • Second-hand electrical goods


Why do I need Public Liability insurance for my Market Stall?

Public liability insurance for market stallholders covers you if a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property because of your business or, if it occurs at your designated market stall area. It protects you and your business if someone at your market stall suffers an injury or damage. It will protect you against the financial risk if you are found to be at fault. For the small cost of membership and insurance, we think it’s worth having!

Find out more about the benefits here.

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Does the market operator’s insurance policy protect my market stall?

The market owner or operator will have insurance for the markets but it’s for their own Public Liability and it is highly unlikely to cover Public or Product Liability for individual stallholders. It really is vital you have your own Public and Product Liability insurance just in case an incident occurs related to your products or your market stall.

In Australia, market stallholders are strongly encouraged to have both public liability insurance and product liability insurance as the chances of being sued are completely unknown and unpredictable; and if it does occur, it is extremely costly. Of course, you don’t expect anything like being sued to happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Australian Consumer Law protects consumers so don’t take the risk of being taken to court.

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What should I do if someone says they have a claim against me or my market stall?

Try not to panic. It may be easy for us to say but that’s why you have insurance. The main thing to remember is not to say it’s your fault or accept liability without discussing with us or the insurance company first. Feel free to show empathy with the aggrieved or injured party, in fact, you should do this; just don’t accept responsibility. Contact us here.


Who is the Insurer?

Our insurance company is Lion Underwriting (ABN 33 604 592), based in Australia operating as a global insurance company.


When and how will I receive my Membership Card and Insurance Certificate?

It’s easy to become a member – you complete the online application and submit with your payment details. As soon as this is received we will send you an email with confirmation of payment, your Membership number and your Insurance Policy details including a PDF document that will be attached containing your Certificate of Currency.

It may take up to five business days to process your documents. The IMAE Memberships office operates Tuesdays – Thursdays from 9am-5pm. It may take a little longer to process if it is a weekend or public holiday as we may be busy at one of our markets.

The email with your membership details should land in your inbox within five business days and will come from – don’t forget to check your spam in case it goes there. 
Make sure you enter your correct email address as an incorrect one will mean delays.

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Can I access the membership and insurance immediately?

We will process your application as soon as we receive it online. We will usually respond within 24 hours and then you will be able to use most of your membership benefits. The insurance may take a little longer as in order to process this, we will need to review your application. We aim to be as fast and efficient as possible but we don’t provide an instant online policy.


Is there an excess payable when I make a claim?

You’ll be pleased to know we have a “NO EXCESS” policy, regardless of fault.


Why do you have a Student Membership?

We are big supporters of young people coming up through the ranks! There has been a significant rise in entrepreneurship and small businesses. Entrepreneur programs and training courses are taking Australia by storm. Many entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree or higher and many students are aspiring entrepreneurs. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs start out with a market stall to get their wares known and trialled. Here at IMAE we want to encourage and support young entrepreneurs starting out and therefore, we offer a discount.

Student membership (ages 18-21) – $150 per year – Apply Today!


Can I pause or cancel my Market Stallholder Membership?

We are sorry that you’re thinking of canceling your membership – before you do; we would really like the chance to do what we can to help you out. Maybe there is an easy resolution so before you end your membership, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

We are not able to pause your membership as the main inclusion of your membership is Public and Product Liability Insurance which runs on an annual basis.


I am having problems submitting my online application for Membership.

We are really sorry to hear that – we don’t want you missing out on this great membership so please get in touch here and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.


Can I contact you by phone or internet only?

It is much easier to contact us online as we may be busy at one of our markets! If you do want to speak with us on the phone, just flick us an email and we can call you at a convenient time. 


I have a different question…

Please contact us here and let us know how we can help you.


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