IMAE Membership Agreement

IMAE is here to support small businesses across Australia. We understand the importance of having the right public liability insurance and it is our goal to provide you with the coverage you need to run your business worry-free. Sign up today and join our growing list of members who are enjoying the insurance we provide along with many added benefits.

IMAE provides public liability insurance. Limited product liability insurance is included provided that the item being sold is not listed in the Products Exclusions List within the Terms and Conditions. For more information, please refer to Page 3 of the Terms and Conditions.


Student membership (ages 18-21) – $150 per year

Full membership (ages 18 and over) – $195 per year

*Please note that IMAE Membership office hours are from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 9am – 5pm. IMAE Membership documents can only be sent to you within office hours.


Membership Entitlements and Benefits

  • Public liability – $20 million any one Occurrence
  • Limited product liability – $20 million any one Occurrence and in the aggregate
  • 15% off the first stall booked by a new stallholder for the first market day
  • 15% off the first 3 stalls booked by a new student stallholder (Under the age of 21)
  • Priority stall placement within the market
  • Priority for social media promotion opportunities
  • Priority for premium advertising opportunities
  • More membership benefits to be announced

*All opportunities are subject to availability and/or change



Any and all membership privileges obtained through this membership agreement may be revoked or changed at any time with prior notice to member. At any point during this contract the Member may change their membership titles with prior written notice to IMAE. If costs increase occurs during membership change the member will be responsible for costs occurred. Member agrees they meet all membership requirements and will notify company if any requirements are not met during the time of the agreement term. Client’s information will be documented as below but may be updated or changed at any point of agreement term.


Terms and Conditions

This agreement shall remain in effect until one or more of the following occur:

  • Member fails to meet any requirements of membership.
  • Agreement term lapses without further terms or agreements added.
  • Company files for bankruptcy or ceases to do business.

By completing the Members Application Form you confirm you have reviewed, understood and agree to the IMAE Terms and Conditions.

We as IMAE reserve the right to change these terms from time to time as well as the Entitlements/Benefits contained within the Membership, and you agree that you accept these terms as existing within the Terms and Conditions.

IMAE Terms and Conditions



Except under extenuating circumstances, any and all communications in regards to this contract shall be delivered ether personally, emailed or by for of certified letter to IMAE. All member notices will be delivered by forms deemed necessary by IMAE.

IMAE is administered by Iconic Markets & Events Pty. Ltd.



Without prior written approval no portion of this contract may be transferred or sold to any party not participating in this membership agreement.


No Warranties

No warranties are given or implied by this membership agreement.


Effectiveness and Interpretation of Agreement

Any and all legal proceedings sustained from this agreement shall be set in the jurisdiction of the Australian Capital Territory as agreed between parties. This membership agreement sets forth the entire understanding of the above mentioned agreement and unless otherwise stated is not inclusive of any oral or prior written agreements. Any modifications or changes to this agreement must be in written form and signed by both parties.

Signatures below serve as a complete understanding and agreement to all terms and statements above.